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Get your artwork ready and ArtForge will handle the rest!.

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Rarity Ranking

ArtForge ranks tokens according to their rarity based on their attributes. Collectors often use this feature to estimate the value of tokens for secondary sales

Rarity Weights

Artists can set rarity weights to certain traits to influence their rarity. This feature is useful when artists want to make certain traits more rare than others.

Credit Card Support

By dropping your collection on ArtForge, you expand your potential market size by allowing non-crypto-savvy users to participate and acquire crypto right from ArtForge without having to jump through multiple hoops and lengthy KYCs.

Objkt.com Auto-Listing

In addition to the ArtForge market, your collection will be auto-listed on the very popular Objkt.com market.

Advanced search and filtering

ArtForge offers a smooth and efficient user experiences to both collectors and artists alike with plenty of features to better showcase collections and tokens.

A flat 2.5% fee

Launching on ArtForge will cost a flat 2.5% fee on primary and secondary sales.

Custom / Whitelabel Drops

In addition to the off-the-shelf features, custom drops are also available with plenty of cool enhancements including:

  • Custom landing page, logo & URL
  • Whitelisting & pre-sales / private sales
  • Different pricing for whitelisted collectors
  • Crowdsale taking place on the custom landing page
  • Auto-listing on Objkt.com and ArtForge.io for secondary sales
  • Anything you can dream up :)