How to Start Collecting NFTs

Step by step guide to start collecting NFTs on ArtForge

September 26, 20222 min read

Give more control to artists, enable new possibilities for creativity, fund incredible art, and hope the value of your NFTs grow. Lets get started!

1) Understand what makes an NFT an NFT

Got 4 minutes?

NFT's Explained in 4 minutes

2) Create a wallet

After you create your wallet, do not forget to backup your seed phrase! If you loose your seed phrase, you can loose access to your wallet forever and no one can help you recover it. It is best to store it somewhere that is encrypted or create copies of it on physical pieces of paper stored in different locations.

Other wallets supported by ArtForge

3) Acquire some Tezos

Ask a friend to send you some or purchase some on an exchange. Here are a few great exchanges to consider: Coinbase, Gemini, Binance Binance US

4) Connect your wallet

In order to collect NFTs and pay with the wallet you created, you must connect it to the site. When connecting, your wallet app will prompt you for approval. The approval for connecting your wallet is fast and free.

5) Purchase NFTs

When you click to purchase, your wallet app will prompt you with the details of how much the transaction will cost. Approve the transaction and it will be sent to the blockchain. Once included in a block on the blockchain, the transaction is considered successful (takes about 30sec on Tezos). Boom - You are on your way to a owning a great NFT collection!