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ArtSmiths Referral Program

Let's Hammer The Love

We are grateful to our community members who love what we do and spread the word about it. At ArtForge we call you guys ArtSmiths!

@Iasmina is sharing up to 35% from the proceeds of the Estetics collection crowdsale.

This crowdsale is a private sale exclusive to the ArtSmiths.

In addition to allowing you to participate in the private sale, your invitation will also activate your own invite link which you can share to earn:
  • For each person you invite directly you will receive 17.5% of their Estetics minting price.
  • To unlock additional earnings from mints by anyone your direct referrals invite, you must qualify by minting at least one Estetics token.

A BIG THANKS as well to our creators for their generosity in sharing part of their earnings with the community. You guys rock!

For additional information, please see the Terms and Conditions.

Time to validate your private invitation

You need to be invited to become an ArtSmith for the Estetics collection. If you haven't received an invitation you can find one here.

Please read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and connect your Tezos wallet to continue

Sharing is decentralized and
happens 100% on-chain.

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